Celebrate Recovery


Finding Recovery is a journey of hope and freedom! Through working the 12-steps, applying the truth of Scripture and in sharing in fellowship with other people in recovery, together we process through our hurts, triumph over dependencies, and learn to trust in God for help.

Our Recovery Group is designed to be a bridge between the traditional 12-step programs and the Church. Men and Women who are searching for their Higher Power are introduced to the love and power of Jesus. We are here for people who struggle with addictions, compulsions and codependency of all kinds. 

Everyone is welcome

We provide a support group for men and women ages 18+.
Here you will find the encouragement and support needed to break the bondage of addictive habits and behaviors. The workbooks will guide you into growth beyond the wounds of life’s battles and help you face the isolation caused by shame and equip you to handle the difficulties that can be present in family relationships. Our Recovery meetings are filled with the faith, hope, and love that only God can provide through Christ.

When do we meet?

Men and Women meet together in a Co-Ed group on Wednesdays from 7pm-8:30pm. Using faith based material both the addict and concerned family members are welcome.  (no children at meetings, no care provided)
*court cards can be signed at any of our meetings by one of the Recovery Leaders.

What problems do we help?

Our Recovery Group is here to provide support and healing for all different kinds of issues. We are here for both the addict as well as the family of the addict. Here are a few examples of the problems we help:

  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol 
  • Codependency
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexual Addiction and Pornography
  • Money Addictions: Gambling to Spending & Debt
  • Self-mutilation