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Is the Bible really a book from God? Can we trust the Bible?

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Is the Bible really a book from God?  Can we trust the Bible?

            “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction (healing or transforming), for training in righteousness;  so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work.”  2 Tim. 3:16-17

There are 66 Books that make up today’s Bible, 1189 chapters. The Bible refers to Itself as “the Word of God” 3800 times.  It is not like any other holy book; the Quran, the Hindu writings, or even any other cultic source of authority like the Watch Tower (Jehovah Witnesses),  The Pearl of Great Price (Mormons) or even the Book of Mormon, itself.  No other book refers to Itself as God speaking to humanity.

The most important question we ask regarding the Bible :  “ Is the Bible trustworthy, and should we regard it as a Book from God?” There are 6 reasons  to assure us that we can and should answer these two questions with, “Yes!”

  1. Prophecy

Prophecy in the Bible provides the proof that this Book is not merely the words or writings of men.  One third of the Bible is prophecy.  The prophecies written must be without error, for they  are “inspired by God.” Unlike the Quran, which are the words of Mohammed a suggested “prophet”, who does not give even one prophecy in the entire 39 Surats (revelations he said he received from God, or Allah).  On the contrary, the Bible predicts one event after another and these events are now documented as a reality in our history. If a person said they were “speaking from God” and what they wrote or spoke did not come true, they were to be executed for being a false prophet (see Deut. 18:20-22).  If the person is stating something that the Infallible God has told him to say,  then his words must also be infallible! These words that are spoken or written as Prophecy must pass the highest critique!

Specific names are used in the prophecy of the Bible.  For example, Josiah and what he would do was prophesied 400 years before he was born (1 Kings 13:2 and fulfilled in 2 Kings 23:15-16). Cyrus the king who would come and help Israel was prophesied 200 years before he was born (Isaiah 45:1-3). Specific nations were prophesied to rule the world, Babylon, Media Persia, Greece, and the Roman empire (see Dan 2 and 7,8). Other nations are now extinct that were at one time flourishing  when a prophet would foretell of their overthrow.

Jesus, Himself, was prophesied about in over 300 prophecies that were fulfilled from 4Bc to 32ad. His place of birth, the ranting of Herod, the location He grew up in, where He started His ministry, etc. etc. how He died and what was said at the cross event was fulfilled to the letter! The cross execution was prophesied during a time when this form of execution was not yet even used.  

So far, in history, the Bible has a perfect record when it comes to prophetic fulfillment, 100 percent accuracy!  No other source of predicting the future has anything close to that. This reality gives credibility to the Words said and written as having come from God.   No man has the ability to predict the future with 100% accuracy.   This level of accuracy gives us confidence to believe what God has also said about things still not fulfilled or what He has told us about things we do not see or understand like the realities of heaven and hell. These places only He knows. No man can talk about the reality of heaven with credibility for he has never seen it or been there. God can talk about heaven and hell with authority because it is His world and realm.  One reason that we are able to trust God regarding these places is because of His accuracy revealed in prophecy.

Every word of God is true. His promises can be trusted. His warnings must be taken seriously. He speaks with truth. We believe His words are truthful because He is truthful. Prophecy is a very important proof of that!  

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