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Calendar of Events for Jesus’ life

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 Calendar of Events for Jesus’ life 

Sunday Jesus Enters Jerusalem  honor
Monday Jesus returns and cleanses the Temple
Jesus curses the fig tree
Tuesday Jesus debates with Religious leaders
Jesus prophesies about the destruction of Jerusalem and His 2nd Coming
Wednesday Jesus is betrayed by Judas
Jesus stays with friends at Bethany
Thursday Jesus returns to Jerusalem and celebrates the Passover with His disciples
Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus is arrested and led away to be tried by the Leaders
All the Disciples run for their lives
Friday Trials 1-3 from Midnight to 6:30am (Religious)
Peter denies Christ
Trials 4-6 from 6:30-9am (Legal)
Christ is crucified at 9am-3pm
Christ is buried by 5pm
Saturday The leaders return to the tomb and seal it with Rome’s power and guard
Sunday Christ is raised from the dead
Christ meets Mary first
Christ encounters the disciples
Christ walks on the road of Emmaus

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