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Day 4: Multiplication (read 2 Tim 2)

Filed under: Pray & Fast,Prayer and Fast 2013 — Pastor David Jan 9, 2013 @ 10:57 pm

Gen 1 teaches us that God commanded the original couple to be fruitful and multiply. This desire of God is that His gift of life is expressed and continued by the process of multiplication. This command and process, this vision and desire of God, will take more than one person to fulfill. Once again we see the genius of God. We must work and connect with others effectively if there is ever to be a new generation of believers and leaders. We cannot do this alone!

Look at verse 2 closely. Paul writes to Timothy that there is generation one developing generation two. Timothy was to pass on what Paul gave to him to “faithful men”, resulting in… generation three!  The third generation was to pass it on to “others” who would be generation four. In one verse, 4 generations!

It is not enough to train one person and stop there. We must see that person train another who in turn trains another. The cycle must continue from one generation all the way past the fourth generation by our careful looking after it!  This process does not just happen! It must be very intentional and deliberate.  Paul gave illustrations of a teacher, a soldier, a farmer, and an athlete. All four of these illustrations show us the strategy involved in success. The teacher plans ahead what will be taught and how they will develop their students. The soldier focuses on the battle and knowing the orders and obeying His superiors. He knows he must be available and willing to go where it may be dangerous. War is very strategic and deliberate. So is farming. What we plant, when we plant, and where we plant is part of what we do as a farmer. The athlete is extremely strategic if he plans on winning.

What will the future be if the soldier does not think ahead? Or the teacher, or the farmer, and the athlete? Will there be a future? What about the future of God’s kingdom if we are not thinking ahead?

Pause right now and see who there is in your life who needs you to develop them and encourage them to think like this in their walk with God. Every person we train must be encouraged and trained to pass on their training to another. Every group must have in their plans the desire and goal to also start another group. Every leader we develop must develop other leaders. And it doesn’t just stop here in our local body… we need to think about multiplying new churches as well!

I get very excited when I consider this, for it breaths into our hearts a future and a hope for the world. If there are no new followers of Christ, then there is no hope for the future.  We will all die and that will be the end of the matter. And so it is the same for us if we do not multiply new leaders, new groups, and especially…new churches!  If we will multiply, just as the early Christians did, there is hope, real wonderful hope for our city, and our world!

Prayer is vital to our success.  I encourage you to take today to pray and plan where you will start multiplying. If you do not know where to start, I encourage you to talk to an elder, a Connect Group leader or myself and we will help you make this a reality.

Pray this week about the future of your family, our church…our city!  Pray for a multiplication movement!!


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  1. Thank you for the encouragement to . . . Pray. . .prepare. . .and plan!. . . I like the future focus of “multiplication movement!”

    Comment by Val valverde — Jan 10, 2013 @ 9:16 am

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