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Prayer and Fasting 2016 – Day 5

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Day 5: The Regional Churches

 Read and Ponder John 17

As great as FCC can become as a result of the many prayers we have prayed , it can never reach the entire city or area of over 300,000 by itself. We must work together with the other churches  in order to reach the many different people who live in our area. Rick Warren has pointed out that “it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people”. We will reach some that no one else will reach and so, also, the other churches will reach those that we could never reach. Teamwork was Jesus’ passion for  succeeding in bringing His love to the whole region and even to the whole world.  Let us pray for the spirit of teamwork to thrive within our city and region.

WAEMA is a coalition of about 35 churches in the Whittier area.  We have been partnered with them for the last ten years. We join them every year in a day of prayer for the community. This year this combined effort of prayer will be Feb. 6th, please plan to attend and spend whatever part of the day between 7am to 6pm that you can come to pray for Whittier. It is a great united time of prayer. They also hold other city events throughout the year about which we will make sure that you are notified so that you can begin to add this united teamwork to your life. Pray for these events and for the times that our community hears the message of Jesus clearly and is able to respond in faith.

Pray for us, here at Faith Community Church, to be able to begin to plant more churches in this area. Only 5-10% of our area worships each week. We must see more churches planted so that more people can come to follow and worship our Lord Jesus. Specifically pray that FCC will plant a new church! Who will lead it? Where will they start it? When will it start? All these are matters for prayer. God must show us the way so that we can follow. Let us pray to become a church planting church!

Lastly, let us pray for a breakthrough this year in reaching our city as never before. Pray for a harvest of thousands of our friends and neighbors who need God desperately but are unaware of it. Pray for an awakening of their hearts. But remember, this awakening starts with usPsalm 126 and 2 Chron 7:14 show us how to pray for this. Never has the need been greater. Never can the prayers be more passionate regarding this great breakthrough to happen… as now! We need God more than ever. I am sure that you agree. Let us pray passionately for a turn of the tide. James 5:16


Prayer and Fasting – Day 4

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Day Four: Our Local Church

Read and Ponder 1 Timothy 1-3

How can our church become a greater church?  “Everything rises and falls on leadership”  as summarized by John Maxwell. Leadership must lead the way. Chapter 2 of 1 Timothy makes it clear to us that we must devote ourselves to pray for our leaders, and as a result the gospel will grow and reach the entire area. Then Ch 3 points out the qualities that leaders must have in order for a church to flourish. Make this list of qualities your prayer list for our leaders. Start by praying for Pastor David, Pastor Randy, and our elders Chris and Rob. Pray for our administration team; Elizabeth, Rinette, and those who assist them. Pray for our youth leaders, our children’s leaders, and our music leaders to be effective in their work. Pray for our recovery leaders and also for those who are in the process, right now, of developing new ministries for those who struggle with mental health issues. These leaders need your prayers! As the leaders grow and thrive so will everything they lead.
We also must remember to pray for the ushers and workers who take care of our Sunday morning safety, and for those who faithfully watch and work hard for the cleanliness of our place of worship. We need it to be safe and secure as we worship. These workers make it so! Pray for the Café and those who serve there. This ministry can be a place where connections are made and people relax and enjoy a moment of friendship. Pray for connections to happen on the patio and in the café!
Pray for all who attend the worship services, that they would  be transformed by the singing and preaching of the Word. Pray for salvations to happen every week!  I know that you will bring your unreached friends and family. I know that you will pray for them to become followers of Christ. Pray for others, as well, people that you may not even know (yet!). Be mindful that unbelievers are always in our meetings. They are being wooed by God’s Spirit to believe that Jesus is God’s Chosen One who came to save them from sin and who wants to lead them into a lifestyle of obedience and worship. Pray for those who attend our church to be more regular and faithful in their attendance. The hit and miss attendance hurts their growth in Christ and hinders them from reaching others who need Christ. Pray that our times of Worship are filled with God’s Presence and Power! Pray that Jesus is highly honored each week as we meet together through the singing, preaching, and genuine transformation!
Start praying for this Easter 2016 (Mar 27), and for many to become followers of Jesus in the next 10 weeks. List the people in your circle of influence who need to give their lives to Jesus. The average person has about 10 such people in that circle. Family, friends, fellow workers, neighbors… Pray for your effectiveness in loving them so that they want to hear about Jesus from you and will be willing to go to the worship meetings to learn more.
 Whew!!! That is a lot to pray for.  Start today!  Praying, in faith, for these things to take place.!  God will hear you and will answer in amazing ways! Pray…and keep praying!!!

Prayer and Fasting 2016 – Day 3

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Day Three: The Church in a Small Group.
Read and Ponder Acts 2:42-47 and  the book of Titus (it is only 45 verses, you can do it!)
Acts 2:42-47 records the progress and development of the early church and its stunning success. What they did then, is a pattern for us today. They met in the temple as a large local group and in people’s houses for smaller discussions regarding what the apostle’s had taught. This is a great way to function in our church as well. We call these small groups;  “connect groups”.
When we read the book of  Titus and we  track the word “works” throughout the book, we can see the transformation in Paul’s use of the word… from the  ”bad works” in 1:16 to “fruitful works” and also the ”good works” in 3:14 (this is a good personal exercise as you note the word throughout the book).  This change in the “works” came about as a result of time together in small group settings. Small groups can be used to bring about life transformation and growth easier than any other idea. How do they do this?
Growth and change can be nurtured and encouraged more in the Small groups because they are a place where you can share your personal thoughts and heart about God’s Word and/or the Sunday message. In the small group setting you will also listen to others as they share personal questions and insights.  It is a mutual exchange with a group size that is more intimate than a larger group or class would be.  In the small group experience,  you will hear others’  perspectives and it will open your mind to a whole new viewpoint. You may experience Titus 2 when you  hear the older men, or older women talk. Or, you may be the older person who will be encouraged and blessed to hear the younger men and women share.  Each group will have different mixes of maturity in life and in the Lord and this, too, will add insight to insight.
 In a small group  you can clarify about what was preached.  Where, in the church corporate service, you can only listen. We need both to “hear and understand” (Matt 15:10). “Understanding” is that second level when you can ask questions and think it through out loud with others. Then, as the Truths hit your own personal life and heart,  you  are able to make a life altering decision or choice and share it with the others. In a small group setting we call this an “I will” statement. This “I will” statement is when you choose to obey not just to hear what God has said. And the friends in a small group will be your audience to listen to your commitment of putting the Bible into action. Nothing is more powerful than when we hear and see each other taking steps of obedience by faith, responding to what God has taught us!
Are you part of such a group? Connect groups are one way we practice this at FCC. You can join one this week! Or are you a part of the Women’s Bible Study? They also have small table groups where you can do this, and experience this same dynamic. Pray for this to take place in our church more and more. We need new groups formed and new leaders to guide a group. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few, so Jesus said, “Pray that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers…” Pray for both leaders and small groups to form in 2016!
In a small group you can actually be part of the change you pray for in our entire church. Also, you are seeing the growth and change  up close in each other’s lives. This is where the rubber meets the road! We need real change! Small groups can help bring it about! Pray for our small groups, our connect groups to multiply!
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