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Day Five- Highlighting Jesus

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Jan 9, 2015 @ 10:20 am

Read Colossians 1

This chapter focuses on Jesus from start to finish. What does it reveal that you can share with someone today or in the next 48 hours? Highlighting Jesus starts with a focus to see Jesus in everything we experience in life. See v 28-29 what is Paul’s passion? “Every man” is mentioned several times. What must we do if we highlight Jesus to every man we know? Can you do these words if you do not have a relationship with the person you seek to reach?

Can you name 5 people with whom you will highlight Jesus, His personal character and work?

Do not forget tonight is the Prayer and Fasting meeting at 6:30pm to share you insights and then share a meal together. May God use this week to grow something new in you and then in us!

Day Four- Taking Care of our Community

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Read 1 Thessalonians 1, 4:1-12

What did the early followers of Christ do to take care of their community? What did Paul do to show them how to take care of the city in which they lived? The focus on faith, hope, and love, and what these three words look like in action: energy, perseverance, and hard laboring efforts.  How is that revealing itself in and through you toward others?  Ch 4 has two special focuses that can greatly enhance our testimony… sexual purity and industriousness. What can this mean in light of our caring for our community? In what way does God teach us to love others? What is the last lesson you learned from God in caring for the people on your street? Do you know their names? Next , do you know their needs? What service would help the people of your street, school, and place of work? Remember, “in that you did this to the least of these my brothers, you did it to ME.” Who said that?

Day Three- Investing in Personal Growth

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Read Psalm 63

What does it take to grow? A plan! A daily plan! That is right. It is like this Psalm, hungering and thirsting for God would be what hunger is to your daily care and ongoing health. What is your daily intake of nutritional food? They say you are what you eat. When someone wants to lose weight or get in shape they start with the daily habits seen in their exercises and diet. It always comes back to this basic idea of a routine, a plan of some sort. It only takes 30 minutes a day to get in shape, and little more consciousness in what you are eating and drinking, and the next thing you know… you are in a whole new body.   What habits will help you grow as a follower of Christ? Name at least three decisions that you will practice each day from this Psalm. What did David do to live in the wilderness and thrive not just survive? This will help you thrive in the worst environment you might find yourself in this year.
Make today great!

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