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Wednesday’s Blog

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We have watched the poor conduct and sorrowful rejection of Christ by the leaders of that day. On this day Judas went to these leaders and arraigned for the betrayal of Jesus for a mere 30 pieces of sliver, if it was in today’s market it would only be worth about $700. But if we see one silver equal to a day’s was then it was about 5 weeks of labor or about $5,000. How cheaply Christ was sold. It is a scene we leave with pain.

But today we read of a woman who worships and honors the Christ who had come into the world.  She was recognizing the truth of who Jesus really is. What are some of the qualities she shows that are true of all worshippers?

She came to where Jesus was. Here is the willingness to adjust my schedule and life to meet with the Lord. Here is the purpose of worship driving the worshipper…I must see Jesus. Let this be the driving force for every worship service, every time of prayer, and every day we live…I must see Jesus.

She expressed her love in a lavish manner. She has now come to the place where Jesus was sitting. She unashamedly expresses her deep affection and gratitude to the One who had just done great things for her. See John 11. Her heart is so full of love and gratitude she must lavishly express it! She gave a gift that was worth 300 days wages which about a year’s salary to worship Christ. What a contrast from Judas!

She poured out her wealth on Christ. This gift was a year’s salary about $50,000. She was glad to give it all so Christ would be honored. She uses her wealth to express her love. As Rick Warren said, “You can give without loving but you can not love without giving.” This gift was a major sacrifice, but not for the eager worshipper. It was a gift of gladness cheerfully and willingly poured out.

She was criticized by onlookers. Those who were standing on the scene scolded her for wasting this money on Christ. There are always those who miss the entire point of worship. In the name of social concern or the name of practical matters shall we stifle the lavish display of gratitude and love? Those not driven by the need to see Jesus will focus on lesser items.

She was praised by Jesus. Every word is full of blessing that flows from Jesus’ lips. I point out a few. “She has done a good deed to Me!” Oh to hear these words of praise from the Master! Wow! Then He lifts her even higher by saying wherever the gospel is preached she was to be remembered. In all ages, in all places, in all languages, in all other worshippers’ hearts she will hold a special place of honor. She is now the example for us to follow.

Lord, make me a worshipper like Mary. Generous, cheerful and lavish in my expressions of love and gratitude. I serve you with gladness as I live today.

Tuesday’s Blog

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Jesus enters the Temple and throws out all that is contrary to the directives that God gave Moses. The leaders of that day had strayed from the original words of the Law and had added their own stuff based on their own agendas. When the King enters His domain, He rightly sets the temple according to what had been instructed in the beginning. His word is Law! “My House” He calls it… “is to be a house of prayer for the nations”. This was God’s intent and design from the start. “Prayer” is the word describing our seeking after God, our passion for God, our pleasure and strength are that found in God. When men came from all over the world they were to find God for whom they were seeking! That purpose had been crowded out by the passion for money, power, and instant success. No longer were the purposes of God accomplished. What must the King do when such is the case? He re-establishes His purpose and overthrows man’s purposes.

When this happened what was the immediate response? “By what authority do you do this? Who are you to dare move our stuff aside?” The question is a clear challenge to Jesus authority and not a question from a searching and sincere heart.

When Christ comes to us He also will begin removing the stuff from our agenda. I encourage you to respond with, “Yes, Lord! Is there anything else we need to remove?” We find ourselves willing and then remorseful that we have so much stuff that hinders Him from ruling our lives. We have truck loads of junk that clutter up His courts where He wants to fill us with joy, and celebration. I say, “Let the trucks come and take away the junk, not to a storage unit but to the dump!” I do not want it temporarily stored but permanently removed.

As we seek Him today, allow Him to remove anything that hinders His rule and leadership. Wherever he starts let Him have the final say. Be so willing that all He needs to do is point and we remove it gladly. The men of Jesus’ day were so unwilling He had to throw the stuff out of the temple. Too bad. Will we need Him to throw our stuff out too? Or can he just point to it and we quickly and gladly get rid of it?

Lord, I am here asking you to search me and show me anything that is unpleasing to you. Whatever you point to I will remove with speed and willingness now and forever.

Monday’s Blog

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Daniel recorded a prophecy called “70 weeks”. In that prophecy is the record of rebuilding the temple and the coming of Messiah. The 69 weeks would be marked by the death of the Messiah. The date of the 1st week starts at 445BC…it then stops at the 69th week in 32AD! The Day of Jesus entering the City was not coincidental but the fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy. Already there was over a hundred of other similar prophecies fulfilled and just as observable as was this day. How much more clearly did it need to be for the nation to recognize that Jesus was the Messiah and this was the moment in history declared by the Prophets?

This entrance was also prophesied that the Messiah would come into Jerusalem on a new foal of a donkey in Zechariah 9:9. This was an obvious fulfillment for all to see. Again the fulfillment was of a public nature for thousands to see and not a hidden isolated event. God declared on this Day before the entire nation that this was His Son whom He was identifying as the  King. See Psalm 2!

Christ said He came to fulfill Scripture (Matthew 5:17-18) and He did! The entire mission of Jesus was to finish and fulfill what had been said about Him. He will not disappoint those who trust in His promise. Every promise He has made you will be  realized by those who trust Him (2 Corinthians 1:20). Even the smallest stroke of a letter will happen just as He said (Luke 16:17).

Are you reading the over 7000 promises He has given you? Philippians 4:13, Luke 1:37, and 1 Thessalonians 5:24 say you can live the impossible life, i.e. you will achieve what in human terms would be impossible. The strength, the span, the scope of what you can do is much greater than you can imagine. This is not positive thinking, or as one man called “possibility thinking” it is more than that, “impossibility thinking!” But why is that so outlandish to believe? One 5’6” Jew under Romans oppression without titles or wealth, without education or privileges took twelve men all without title or rank and turned the world upside down! What would you dare if you thought it was possible?

Lord, I ask you to broaden my mind and desires to reach higher than I am reaching now. Help me to believe in the strength you promise, the reality that you will do more than I can ask or think!

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