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Wanna be a hero?

Filed under: Tool Kit — Pastor David May 27, 2011 @ 10:57 am

Today I want point you to 2 tools that will help you during challenging times.

This past Sunday we talked about what it means to be a hero and specifically what makes a hero a hero. I honor, as I think we should, the people that protect us and guard our freedom, truly those that have given their lives in this duty ARE HEROES.

But what about me and you? Can we be heroes? I believe we can (in a little different way) to those around us, even on a daily basis.

These tools will help you become a hero to those that you love most…your family and friends. Take a look and see how…

1. This first tool is an article from our friends at Turning Point Counseling dealing with marriage relationships. Four styles of Conflict in Your Marriage.pdf

2. Secondly, I’ve included some charts and graphs that will give you a better sense (to become more self-aware) of how to know you are headed in the right direction while in a conversation or circumstance that has the potential to go bad. Models of Relationships.pdf

Let me know your thoughts on these…hope they help.