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Prayer and Fasting — Jan. 10-14, 2011

Connecting: Making sure you are safe

This schedule will serve as a valuable tool in guiding you
during this week of prayer and fasting.

Monday: Seeing the enemy within.

Step 1: Take a real look at the selfishness that is in your own heart and lifestyle. Facing the truth is where we begin.

Tuesday: Have I left home?

Step 2: Becoming aware of what I learned from my parents, and/or family system. You need to recognize the messages that still influence your thinking and embrace or reject those messages.

Wednesday: Breaking free of the destructive cycle.

Step 3: There are daily choices you make that lead to further deception or clarify the truth. You need the courage and confidence to leave the destructive choices behind and replace them with healthy choices.

Thursday: Forgiving those who have hurt you.

Step 4: Make a list of those who have hurt you and take the journey of freeing yourself from that hurt. REACH out and discover release.

Friday: Becoming your own best friend.

Step 5: Talking to yourself as a friend only happens when you see yourself from God’s point of view. Building a deep sense of “God-esteem” will transform your relationships.

Friday night finale at 6pm: Moving into maturity.
(Meets in Thoman Hall, 6pm, nursery provided)

Step 6: The final step is how we live each day in freedom and wisdom. We begin to recycle our hurts for our advantage and growth rather than for our ruin and destruction. We begin to let faith, hope, and love abound rather than our past (faulty beliefs, cynicism, despair, and apathy).

An Important Message about Fasting

Fasting is voluntarily not eating food for a period of time.

Consuming water or some other fluid is acceptable and appropriate.

Warning: If you have medical problems or are using medications at this time consult your doctor first before engaging in fasting.

Fasting is encouraged by Jesus, the apostles, O.T. leaders, and many church leaders throughout history as an important discipline for spiritual power, maturity, or progress in the work of God on earth.

Fasting is not a way to make God love you more.

Fasting does not impress God with your spirituality.

Rather, fasting is needful for us because of our weakness and bent to love this world too much and let it distract us from eternal realities. We are admitting our need of Him. We are separating ourselves from our dependence on food for a short time to better separate ourselves to loving and serving God for eternity.

Fasting is mixed with prayer for greater focus.