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Series: Up Close and Personal

Filed under: Tool Kit — Pastor David Aug 9, 2010 @ 12:59 pm

The last 3 weeks have been powerful for me personally. Preaching through a small section of the 22nd chapter of the book of Luke on the topic of developing an intimate relationship with Christ has allowed me to see and apply truths from God’s Word in a transformational way.

We first looked at guilt and how an unhealthy perspective of it can end in feelings of being distant from God–which in turn can cause a spiral of negative choices, false conclusions, etc.
Next, we considered fear and the pursuit of a “safe place.” In the middle of a world full of various dangers, mostly out of our control, how do we find such a place? If finding a “safe place” may not even be about about the place, the people, or the circumstances that surround us right now, then how do we find it?By building on the truths about how to view guilt and fear in a healthy way, we are then prepared to talk about the emotion shame. We described the differences between guilt and shame based on how it feels and what it looks like in our lives. Then building on the truth in God’s Word, we asked the root question, “Does God really love me?”  We discovered 3 important keys to overcoming shame’s oppressive power.

I want to invite you to get the CD’s from this series as a resource for yourself or maybe a friend or family member. You can listen to the messages in their entirety on our website by visiting our resource library.

I encourage you to continue your discovery by taking the 3 self-assessments found in Dr. Les Parrott’s book,  Shoulda Coulda Woulda, published by Zondervan.