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Mawwiagde, the dweam within a dweam

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Jun 17, 2010 @ 9:45 pm

(As posted in the Whittier Daily News, 6-18-10)

Remember the impressive clergyman from “Princess Bride” saying, “Mawwiagde, the dweam within a dweam.” After we laugh, then we reflect, is marriage a dream or a nightmare? When you got married I am sure you hoped it would last forever. Many times I have sat with a young couple coming for advice about their upcoming marriage. We talk for a while then I ask them, “With so many marriages falling apart, why do you feel that your marriage is going to make it?” Their quick and enthusiastic response is, “Because we love each other.” And they do, at least for the moment.

Have you wondered how to make your marriage last? I know that statistics are slippery things, but here are just as few to ponder. In LA and OC the marriages that make it are 1 out 2. The most reported reason for marriage failure is the pressure from finances or irreconcilable differences (92%). These are tough days for any marriage.

Here is the shocker. Those who go to a church and get premarital counsel have a much greater chance at having a strong marriage. The marriages that make it are 9 out 10. Wow! The premarital counsel definitely helps young couples to think through their commitment and make adjustments that positively impacts the relationship.

But that is not all. The marriages that go to church regularly and share faith together have an even higher success rate, 99 out of 100. The marriages that build on mutual faith in God have a much stronger relationship than those who do not have this foundation. But there is one more layer to these statistics. The marriages that practice their spirituality together, pray together, and serve together in a local church have the success rate of 1099 out 1100. Unbelievable. It shows that those who serve others, share a mutual faith in God, pray together, and give away their lives have the strongest marriages in America, let alone in OC and LA county.

As a pastor I want to see your marriage work and succeed. Strong families means a strong community. The Jewish king Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived (except for the Lord Jesus) said, “Two are better than one” (Ecclesiastics 4:9). God invented marriage and His Word has the best counsel for making your marriage strong and vibrant. It is my prayer that you make God the foundation of your marriage as well as your life. Then you will have a rock of stability beneath your feet even when everything around is unstable and falling apart (Psalm 46:1-3).