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4th of July was a blast!

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Jul 7, 2009 @ 12:06 pm


4th of July was a blast! The day went wonderful, BBQ chicken, and a warm day outside.

The night came and Rinette and I got ready for the La Habra city fireworks show. Since we live close enough, we usually watch it from our yard. But this year we decided to get a really good look and climbed up to watch the show from on the roof of our house. 9 pm sharp, there we were, safely positioned at an incline from the top of our house, ready to see the great inspiring show.

After 20 minutes without a light in the sky, we began to think that maybe the recession had impacted the funds so much so, that they cut back the big fireworks show and just had a smaller show for those on the ground at the football stadium…the paying customers! Soon our neighbors started to light off their contributions of lights to the night sky, a big blast here followed by sparkly gold and red lights dazzling the sky. Back and forth the neighbors show went, almost as if rivaling each other for “best show of illegal fireworks”.

After about 45 minutes of patient waiting and careful balancing on the roof, we finally decided that it had been long enough and it was time for us to go in and get ready for tomorrow’s Sunday worship.

We’d only been in the house for a few minutes when we heard the loudest, “boom” we had heard all evening. “What was that?”  We ran outside and were surprised to see the largest, most fabulous fireworks going off in the sky above La Habra High.

Ever give up on something, or quit too soon? Well, we did, and now what were we going to do? We decided not to climb back on the roof (tempting fate a second time just didn’t seem smart! :) … so we ended up watching one of the best fireworks shows of the last 8 years here, (probably because our neighbors had prepared us with their “preview show” :) …from the ground… in our back yard …through the trees. Not as spectacular as the view from the roof would have been, but still an awesome show!

I am so grateful for the expense we go through each year to celebrate our Nation’s great freedom! Freedom is our greatest gift as Americans. May we always cherish and appreciate it.

Praise God we are free!