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Inspired by Sports!

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Feb 18, 2009 @ 4:11 pm

In today’s blog I would like to make it known that I LOVE sports! That is, I love watching them (more than playing them). This is mainly because the older I get the more I realize my body will not contort and twist like it used to. I may be only 54, but I’m finding that I’m very limited as to what I can physically do. One of the few remaining sports activities I am able to participate in and enjoy is jogging. I’m limited to only about 3 miles every other day–miles less than what my younger, more agile frame used to handle with ease. I’m also able to walk about 3 miles each day as I pray. I call them “prayer walks”. I also stay active and enjoy building something new every so often in the back yard. Besides these, my major sports satisfaction comes from watching the pros go for it!

Which sport is my favorite you ask? Basketball, when it is basketball season. Baseball, when it is baseball season. College football, when it college football season. Hmmm, does that tell you something?

Take Basketball. The Lakers are by far my favorite to watch and cheer for. I enjoy the team: Kobe, Gasol, Odom, etc. Not to mention that they are coached by the great Phil Jackson. His insight is keen and he ruthlessly evaluates his team members so that they can win again and again and again!

I relate to the hard work that it takes for a skill to be developed and maintained. I relate to the sweat and time these players dedicate to their craft. I appreciate the dedication to excellence they have, and the determination they express to “win it all” each year. I love the attitude of a winner! All winners have special qualities: Attitude, focus, courage, effort, belief, confidence, and intensity. When two “winning” players collide with the same level of expertise in some sort of play-off…WOW, now that’s something to watch!

I think there are many benefits for us, as spectators, in watching a team go for a championship each year: The loyalty of being a fan; the visible growth in maturity of each player; the response to a setback or defeat; the inability of any one player to beat a team alone. As coach Wooden says, “Any team can beat the greatest superstar”! So many lessons can be found in sports for either spiritual or normal-life application. Sometimes all you need to do is watch a great game and the personal inspiration needed to accomplish something good comes as a result!

For me it’s been multiple times that I’ve been inspired by watching the efforts of the Lakers! Just try it! Watch their next game and see what lessons you can learn. Remember, Apostle Paul did this very thing! (1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 2 Timothy 2:5). Go team!