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La Mamma Morta

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Dec 21, 2008 @ 1:23 pm

Here’s the youtube link to the incredible song I mentioned today…

The lyrics are as follows…

They killed my mother
Close by the doorway leading to
my chamber.
In dying,  she saved my life.
Then, at dead of night.
I left the house with Bersi,
And in the distance,
The flames leapt up behind us;
Fierce tongues of fire set all the
sky aglow,
Lighting our path.
My home, my well-loved home,
Was burnt to ashes.
I was alone.
I had no shelter.
Hungry and needy, danger
haunted my footsteps.
Then I fell ill, and Bersi, poor
faithful creature,
She would not leave me:
She bartered her beauty to keep me alive.
I bring misfortune even to those.
who love me.
In all this sorrow,
My poor heart woke to love.
In a voice of soft compassion God
murmured: “Hear him who
calls thee. Life itself enfolds thee!
In my arms, no harm can befall
I am here beside thee.
Thy tears of despair, I will banish
I will guide thy faltering footsteps,
I shall be near thee!
Let joy fill thy being,
For Love itself am I!
Though thy path be dark with
I shall bring solace.
Take heart again!
Raise your eyes and behold me;
I come to thee from out the vault
of heaven above,
Making earth a paradise.
The God of Love am I!

The angel hovered near me
And kissed me with the cold kiss
of death.
So take this worthless body, here
before you.
“This as you wish…for I am dead already”

Where is the Christmas Tree?

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Dec 15, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

Where is the Christmas Tree?
Well, is has been that kind of year. It is half way through December and we
haven’t got our tree up yet. We usually set it up on my wife’s birthday, but
for some reason this year we just haven’t got around to it. Now we have
decorated the outside, done a little shopping, cooked and eaten some
Christmas cookies and had a week of great Christmas events at church, but we haven’t unpacked the myriad of Christmas decorations for our tree, and as of this blog, we have not gone to our traditional place to buy our tree! What’s up!?! Maybe you are way ahead of the game and have everything already done, or maybe you’re like me and are behind. But no matter what, Christmas is still on the 25th and the days are getting fewer until we celebrate that great day.

No matter, I love this time of year. Why? The many decorated homes, the
smell of pine needles in the house (which is why I am stunned we haven’t got
our tree yet), the anticipation for Christmas itself, the meals, the
friendliness everywhere, the ease with which we can greet each other,
(notice how it is sometimes awkward saying, “hello” but not, “Merry
Christmas”!) the songs that celebrate Christ’s coming (even if people don’t
listen to all the words they still hear some of it, :-) , and the real
meaning of Christmas (God sending the Greatest Gift for our greatest need).
 It’s the most wonderful time of the year’! (except for Easter).
Well, I just started the fire for the evening and will help the family set
up some more decorations. THEN we get our tree! (of course, it may take a
couple of days still)!

I wanted to wish you the most wonderful Christmas Celebration.
Make it great by doing three things giving glory to God in the Highest,
having peace with yourself, God and others here on earth, and by rendering
goodwill to others with some act of kindness or service.
Merry Christmas 2008!