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I can not believe it!

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Nov 6, 2008 @ 11:56 pm

Wedding Day (1978) 30 year anniversary (2008)

What? 30 years of marriage? Sure, but there is something more than being married for 30 years. I can not believe how I am way more in love with Rinette today than when we wedded that Friday night at 7. I will never forget our wedding day! It was a cool and sunny day in 1978. The church was full of friends, and the night was full of emotions. But today I love my “honey” much more than i did that day. What has made our relationship sweeter and sweeter? Certain ideas immediately come to mind.

Forgiveness tops the list. I have hurt my “dearest love” more times than I can count, but she has forgiven me every time. She has demonstrated “Love covers a multitude of sins” for 30 plus solid years (she was like this even before we married). We have a relationship that is deeply indebted to forgiveness.

Communication is second. We talk everything out. Now this is not a forced deal, it is because we want to hear what the other thinks. I know how valuable Rinette’s ideas, perspective, and counsel are. If I had to pay her for all the wise counsel I have received from her, well, it would be more than I have earned to support our family. I treasure her input.

I enjoy our conversations very much. Why? I think because she is honest. Her true read on something gives me confidence when she speaks that what I am hearing is the truth. It may be a story about her life, her friends, her area of ministry, etc but it is always genuine truth. She never twists the story or bends a fact. Wow. She is honest about her feelings. I love that. We never guess how each other feels about something. Our talking is always rooted in the truth. I want to know how she really feels about whatever we are talking about.

Another reason I love to talk to Rinette is her wealth of exposure. She loves to read. She got me to read more than I would have on my own. I am a typical man when it comes to books, I like pictures, and they speak more than a thousand words to me. So why do I have to read the thousand words too? But she has motivated me to read the words too. Now after reading more than a thousand books, I think how precious this part of our relationship is. She is always got a new story, a new insight, a new idea, etc. Her reading makes her a very interesting person to talk to.

Another reason I love talking to Rinette is her reasonableness, or her fairness, or she always listens from the different points of view. She is not opinionated or prejudiced, or comes to a thought with preconceived ideas. She is open and reasonable. But once we have come to a point of thorough talking, we settle on where we both land on the idea and leave it there. Most of the time, we land on the same side of an idea. But there times when we came to understand that we disagree. Now what?

This is the next reason I love talking with Rinette. She allows the freedom (and so do I) to disagree. She does not rub it in, or force the point, or jab at me. She respects my position and lets me be wrong. But even then, she works with me and allows me the time to come to a better place, or a better conclusion.

I have to write more on this, I hope that is ok with you.

I will continue this in my next blog as well… but for now you can see two tips to long termed relationships, forgiveness and communication.

May God bless you with these two jewels so that you can enjoy a lifelong friendships,

Thanking God for you…you are precious to me…

Your praying Pastor, David