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He’s My Brother

Filed under: Devotionals — Pastor David Aug 4, 2008 @ 1:32 pm

He ain’t heavy…he’s my brother!

Six years ago, this October, we added a new member to our family. No! not a baby, instead…my brother. Philip is my older brother by 2 years. He has Down’s Syndrome. PhilI didn’t really know my brother until he lived with us and one thing I found out right away is that he loves music. He had an Amy Grant tape that he wore out. We heard “Baby, Baby” so many times that we thought we were going crazy. He loves Keith Green (wore that tape out too), the Gaither Trio, in fact, all of Bill Gather’s videos, and the Billy Graham Crusades. And he loves it all LOUD! He likes hot dogs and peanut butter and he layers that stuff inches thick and chows down. He consumes about a dozen bananas a week and anytime we tell him there are more, he does this weird “Hoo-ha, hoo-ha, hoo-ha” sound like he is a monkey. Sometimes he hides crackers and milk in his room. Why? I don’t know. The funny thing is…he’s the healthiest person in the house! Go Figure!

He has a great sense of humor and a sweet attitude about helping out around the house and LOVES going to church. He gets up about five o’clock on Sunday mornings and sets out everything to get ready for his day at church. You will see him in the very front row playing his harmonica with the musicians. That is his highlight for the week! One afternoon Philip asked me if I would make a big sign with his name on it and put it outside for every one to see. I asked, “How big?” He said, “As big as the whole front of the house.” I said. “Where do you want me to hang this sign?” He replied, “In front of the church so everyone driving by could see it.” I said, “Phil, I am sure there are a lot of people who secretly have wanted the same thing.” We did make a big sign and hung it in our house. I had a toy that made a cheering sound of a huge crowd. I played it for him that whole day each time he walked in the room. We all had a great time that day and a lot of fun.

Phil and David Mills

Everyone wants to be noticed and acknowledged, and everyone wants to be loved and wanted. Phil is no different. We hope we are loving him effectively each day, as long as he is with us. Just as Jesus said, “In as much as you did for the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.”

Can you lose your salvation?

Filed under: Devotionals — Pastor David @ 1:22 pm

“I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.” John 10:28 Can you lose your salvation?

I was reading answers to that question from Yahoo users. Many thought that “yes”, they could lose their salvation. I was saddened and concerned at their reasons for their conclusions. Remember what Christ said, “I give them eternal life”. You have His gift because He gave it to you not because you were good or holy enough. You received His gift freely and gladly. The gift is life! That life is eternal, i.e. it never stops. He gave you a life that will never wear out, never stop beating inside of you, it will never end. It is His unconditional promise and an unstoppable reality based on His word to you. There are no “if you do this or that” in this promise, it simply says, “I will” and that is its foundation.

He said, “They will never perish” meaning, “being cut loose from Him”. It is the strongest expression of language in the Greek, meaning, “It is impossible to perish”. Nothing will sever our relationship. “Nothing”, as Romans 8:38-39 states, nothing present, nothing future, no demon, Satan can’t sever you, no sin can sever you, no sickness like Alzheimer’s or some other disease that takes away memory, nothing can separate or cut you loose from God’s unconditional love.

Jesus said, “No one can snatch them out of My hand.” It does not matter who attacks His claim, you are in His hand forever! You would have to kill Jesus before you could get anyone out of His hand…O that’s right they did that already and He rose from the dead and can never be killed again! We are as safe as He is alive! Then He returned to heaven and is seated on the throne. If you have doubts about this subject, I hope to be a voice of encouragement putting the lies of Satan who accuses you day and night to rest. Just remind yourself of Whose hand you are in, Christ’s! And they are nail pierced hands proving His love that will never let you go.

Take a minute and reflect on this truth and say to yourself, “I am secure in His love.” May you have a settled heart based on His unconditional love for you!

Your friend Pastor David