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What do I like to eat?

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Jun 30, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

What do I like to eat?
My wife asked me what I would like for dinner the other night. I replied,
“Chicken and rice!”
“Again?” she queried.
I replied, “Yes! In fact I could eat chicken and rice every night for the
rest of my life!”
“Honey, I love you, but that seems really boring.” She confessed.
“But you can eat chicken and rice with a thousand combinations” I boasted.

It’s true. Onions and celery mixed in with a mushroom gravy sauce, teriyaki
sauce and boiled carrots, chopped up boiled eggs and bell peppers, etc. Come
to think of it, onions are good in just about anything with rice, so maybe I
should add onions to my everyday list. Then top it off with lots of
pepper!!! Yummy.

Is that how I eat? No, but you asked what would I like for dinner? Not what
do I eat for dinner. There is a huge difference between those two

What else?

There is nothing like a fresh crisp room temperature watermelon! Some like
it ice cold, but I prefer it to be room temperature. The key is crisp and
crunchy, not soft and mushy.
Cut it in slices or cubes, triangles or big rounds quartered. The watery the
better! Sometimes it is so juicy you can’t eat it in the house. Here is
where the fun begins. So we go out on the porch and crunch away a few
sections of a wonderful sweet watermelon.

Anything more?

Sure, there is nothing so fun to eat as corn on the cob. That’s why I
thought I should grow my own this year. We’ll see how fresh corn right off
the stalk tastes. Ever eat it without cooking it? Try it, it tastes great.
Most people like loads of butter dripping off their corn, not me, I like it
salted with loads of pepper. Pepper? Yes, pepper.

Are you hearing a common theme in pepper? I do love pepper. My mentor thinks
that’s why I am so lively. I don’t know about that, but I do enjoy the
flavor and hot spark from black crushed pepper. You know when the waitress
asks if you want pepper with that salad, well if you are in the restaurant
at the same time I am there it may be a while before she gets back to you,
and they may even run out first, Sorry about that.

Aren’t you glad God made all this good stuff?!
What do you like to eat? Email me and let me know…

I am determined to preach Christ and Him crucified

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“I am determined to preach Christ and Him crucified” 1 Corinthians 2:2

What are you determined to do?

Paul was a determined fellow; the proof is how much he endured in his life to achieve all that he accomplished. He was the kind of man that diligently studied all sides of an issue then landed on what he believed was true. When he says he was determined, it meant that he came to a conclusion based on lots of thinking and study. There was nothing casual or careless in this word “determined”.

He determined that the single most important subject that had to be considered by people in his world was the fact that Jesus was crucified. Now crucifixion in Paul’s day was the final answer of Rome against the highest criminals of the state. Crucifixion was the worst of all death penalties given out to this day by any nation or government. It was associated with the most serious of offenses.

Why was Paul so determined to talk to others about the crucifixion of Jesus? Because it was the center of all history, of all the Bible teaches as truth, and of all eternity. At the cross Man showed his worst, and God showed His best.

What does sin do inside of a man? It causes some kind of insanity that we will try to shut out the voice of love and truth and will even kill to be allowed to do what we want to do. Sin shouts inside our hearts, “Away with Him!” I do not want Him to lead me, counsel me, or help me.

Our crime? Rejection of Jesus as God’s only King and Savior.

God’s response to our rejection was the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus prayed over and over, “Father forgive them they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34. The cross was God’s devotion and love to you and for you.

You ask, “How can I know God loves me?” See Him carry that cross weighing 120-150 pounds about a mile or so all up hill after enduring a severe beating by strong Roman soldiers whose expertise was death. See Him endure the rejection of people he loved and worked hard serving for the entire time of His earthly ministry. See Him bear the humiliation of being stripped nude and mocked by men who lied about Him just so they could get rid of him. Why did He endure all of that and more?

Because He loved us. He took all of our sins on Himself at the cross so we could be forgiven as He prayed, and we could be changed on the inside to love Him back. At the cross He became sin and allowed Himself to be punished by the full wrath of God’s justice. He gave Himself to God as a sacrifice for us. Sin’s full debt has been paid in full.

Christ’s cross is the greatest gift to man. The giver? God! The one who gets the gift? You!

Take a minute and thank Him for this amazing gift.

God bless you, Pastor David

Who will eat those last four apricots?

Filed under: Blog — Pastor David Jun 23, 2008 @ 12:15 pm

I love plants…no really, I love plants. But I do not know much about them, which creates an interesting problem. As much as I enjoy flowers and fruits, I do not know what to do when something goes wrong, ugh!

Which leads me to tell you about my apricot tree…when we moved into our home some 8 years ago, the apricot tree was full and growing. But the next year I messed up their watering system, and that tree almost died, almost, you know “mostly dead” (Billy Crystal in Princess Bride).

Sooo, I put in a new watering system, and the apricot barely lived, I mean it had one root still alive so it had one branch that even got green. I decided not to cut it down, but tried feverishly to renew it. Because the roots were dead, the tree had no strength to stand up, so I propped it up with another part of the tree that was dead.
Pastor Dave's Apricot Tree

Should I say this? Praise the Lord! It gave us dinky tiny apricots, about ten the next year. Last year we got about twenty apricots, but this year we got over 100 apricots and all well sized and yummy!

You think that is the end of this story? Nooosiree, you see sharing the yummy apricots has become the new problem. When someone came over I would invite them to have an apricot. When I walked the garden I would casually eat five or six at a time. One day my dearest wife and love of my life came out and said, “Where are all the apricots?” Uh oh, there were only a handful of apricots left. Quickly I scurried to the apricot tree and picked her about five, and she enjoyed them immensely. She has no idea that I ate about 50 and she got about 10.

There are four left now…my new dilemma is who will eat those last four? Please pray for me not be selfish…as I’m typing I think I hear crows in my yard, oh no are they eating those last four apricots…

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