Ephesians 3:20

"Now unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works within us... "


November 1 Pray for people at FCC to join the work of reaching more unchurched people this year than ever before.

November 2 Pray for a hunger for knowing God and abiding in Him each day.

November 3 Pray for more united prayer in our church... a prayer movement to begin.

November 4 Pray for a willingness to do whatever God asks us to do as individuals and as a church congregation.

November 5 Pray for God's Word to be listened to, believed, and obeyed by everyone in our church and community.

November 6 Pray for each one of your neighbors (by name if you know them) to become followers of Jesus.

November 7 Pray for our recovery efforts in Higher Ground, that more of those who need this healing in our community will come and get help.

November 8 Pray for our men and women to bond and find deep relationships in our church.

November 9 Pray for more healthy and balanced people based on our F.A.I.T.H. purposes (Finding God, Attaching to others, Investing in personal growth, Taking care of our community, and Highlighting Jesus).

November 10 Pray for our children, youth, and college kids to find friends here at Faith that will reinforce following Jesus.

November 11 Pray for your city officials to succeed and be wise as they lead your community.

November 12 Pray for God's word to be loved and embraced by all who worship each week.

November 13 Pray for our church to become a place for loving relationships to flourish.

November 14 Pray for your ability to earn the right to share the Gospel with those in your neighborhood, at work, at school, ect.

November 15 Pray for our church to live wisely, lovingly, and holy before each of our cities and communities.

November 16 Pray for our church to have a deep hunger for righteousness and for God's will to be done.

November 17 Pray for our connect groups to reach more people in our neighborhoods.

November 18 Pray for Pastor David, his wife and his family to be strengthened and protected from the spiritual attacks of the Devil.

November 19 Pray for God's word to spread in our community in influence and transformation power. May the number of local weekly church attenders grow from 30,000 to over 100,000.

November 20 Pray for more visitors to come to our church, especially from the invitations we as a church give to others.

November 21 Pray for our church to desire and discover their spiritual gifts and place in this church to serve our united goals of loving others into a growing relationship with Christ.

November 22 Pray for our Elders to be wise and loving leaders of this church.

November 23 Pray for the people who serve behind the scenes in media, computer, administration, and planning our church calendar and events that they be united and effective in their jobs.

November 24 Pray for our unity in spirit, vision, and heart to be like the early church was in Acts.

November 25 Pray for every person who attends FCC to pray, give faithfully and invite others to this church.

November 26 Pray for God's Word to be faithfully preached by every spiritual leader who guides the church today.

November 27 Pray for an awakening of spiritual needs to come to those we know that need Jesus.

November 28 Pray for our church to see new ways to serve our community.

November 29 Pray for our Women's Ministry to find new ways to reach women in our church and community.

November 30 Pray for our missionaries to India (Roy and Cheryl Wingard) who faithfully develop church planters in India.