I am praying for my neighborhood


Add Your Community to the map

Three ways to add your Community
  1. Add your address + city, then click "Add Marker"
  2. Or Click "Find my Community" to get your current location
  3. Or Right-click, then select "Add My Community"

Then add how many households you are praying for in that community.


Drag the Star icon to your Community

Your Lighthouse will appear on this Marker

Once you are satisfied with the location Click "Add my Community"

Your Lighthouse will be added to the map soon.


Begin Praying for your Community

Check online for 5 ways to pray for your neighborhood: fccwhittier.com/prayformycommunity

Please allow up to 24 hours for your lighthouse to be updated to the map.

Building relationships and praying for our community requires time and dedication. In order to be effective in our neighbor's lives, the number of households we are committing to pray and invest into shouldn't exceed 20.

It looks like you are updating your location with a new number. Are you updating your previous number, or adding a new number of people you are praying for?

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